• Start selling tickets in minutes
  • Free For Free Events
  • Reach a more diverse audience
  • Easily share on social media
  • Track ticket sales from anywhere
  • QR Code Scanner. Easily Check-in customers at the door
  • Accept Cash and Credit at the door with Manager APP
  • Get Instant Funding as tickets are bought
  • Grow your Brand. Sell tickets from your own website
  • E-tickets
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Email Notification when tickets are purchased

Earn More Money with VIP Socio

eTicketing Made Easy. Take advantage of our low fees. VIP Socio charges less fees than most major ticketing portals. It is Free for Free events. Take advantage of our direct payments. No more waiting to get paid after your event. Sell directly from your own website

Sell Tickets

Create your event and start selling tickets in a few minutes. Easily share your event on social media.

Track Sales

Get instant sales reports, get email notification on each ticket purchase.

Instant Funding

No more waiting for payouts after your event. Funds are available in your account as tickets are bought.

Customer Check-in

Accept cash and credit cards at the door with our Manager APP


Grow your brand. Sell tickets directly from your own website.

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Music and Concerts

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Arts and Culture

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Parties and Nightlife

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Sports and Wellness

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Networking and Business

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VIPsocio Features

VIP Socio is the #1 interactive ticketing portal for urban and multicultural Events. VIP Socio is an interactive urban community that connects people to diverse social experiences, inspiring and expanding their horizons through art, culture, music, entrepreneurship, workshops and the urban experience in general. We focus on diversity and interactivity to keep our customers coming back.

Connect, Chat and Share Experience

In a new city? Attending an event alone? Never feel alone at any event, party or nightspot. Interact with friends. Connect and start a conversation. Instant chat with other guests on the VIPsocio APP. Join the VIPsocio community today!!

Discover New Experiences

Find the hottest events and parties in your local area. Discover the closest nightclubs, bars, lounges and restaurants around you.

Rate and Review Nightspots

Send feedback to your favorite nightspots and restaurant. Check reviews and select the best nightlife venue for an amazing night out

Instantly Book Event Tickets and VIP Tables

Book tickets to the most exclusive event in your area Go paperless. Your ticket is on your mobile phone. Reserve VIP Tables to local nightclubs, Lounges and bars.

Easily Create, Sell, Promote and manage Events Tickets

Start selling your event tickets in 5 minutes

  • Create, sell, promote and manage your event tickets from one easy-to-use portal.
  • Collect RSVPs
  • Generate Attendee lists
  • Ticket purchase notifications
  • It’s as easy as 1-2-3
Why VIPSocio

VIPsocio is an interactive Urban Community connecting people to diverse social experiences, inspiring and expanding their horizons, by making it easier to buy, sell, promote and manage event tickets. Join the Community!!


Instantly book tickets and tables to the hottest lounges, nightclubs and bars in your city. Provide instant feedback by rating an reviewing your favorite night spots.

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Find Exclusive Events and Venues in your city. Discover the Perfect Experience


Reserve your Tickets to Exclusive Events. Book VIP Tickets to the Best clubs, Lounges and Nightclubs in your city


Enjoy Your New Social Experience

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